The case for impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

The case for impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

Allen WestThis morning on WMALs “Morning on the Mall” radio show with hosts Brian and Larry I was asked a simple question relating to the Taliban prisoner release and impeachment of the president. I responded yes that in this current case, the U.S. House of Representatives should file articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama.

Now before all the detractors go apoplectic here, let me tell you about Article 2 signing statements, their intent, purpose, history, and usage, and the implications for the president’s impeachment.

President Obama used an Article 2 signing statement to deem unconstitutional a measure HE had signed into law contained in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The law stated that he must advise Congress within 30 days about any plans to transfer detainees from GITMO. Obama basically stated that this was “unconstitutional” and that his unilateral action fell within his purview. Once again Obama used selective discretion as to what law he feels he must adhere to — in this case it has severe ramifications for our national security. SOURCE

Let me start this commentary off by saying; I love Allen West, I admire him greatly, I would NOT hesitate to vote for him in the position of POTUS or VPOTUS.

I have great confidence in Allen West and I have to say; if we were BOTH younger men and I was healthy and able to serve, I would follow Allen West on a campaign through HELL, while carrying a couple of 5 gallon cans full of gasoline.

I would love to see Barack Hussein Obama impeached, convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors and spending the rest of his life in a dark, dank hole in some Federal Prison. Calling for that impeachment is not at all out of line, it’s more like out of reach.

Obama will NOT be impeached until AFTER the November elections, and then only IF the GOP can retake the Senate and hold the House, and if they can come up with enough BALLS to actually do it.

Why would the United States acquiesce to the demands of a non-state, non-uniform terrorist organization — the Taliban? The Taliban is our enemy and it is not a nation-state with whom we should enter into negotiations. There are some 141 detainees at GITMO. The five released were senior Taliban officials, basically members of Mullah Omar’s inner circle. If we wanted to release detainees in exchange for Bergdahl, there were many others to choose from. Why these?

I wish we had a solid answer for that *WHY* from Allen West, it’s an answer that I am interested in hearing.

I can’t back these words up, it’s just MY opinion, but Obama never does anything that doesn’t serve HIS purpose in some way. There has to be some nefarious reasoning that has to be known before this can make sense. I am of the opinion that Obama has some grand plan as to WHO was released and WHY they were released, and somehow, it fits into one of his schemes.

The thing I seriously don’t understand is WHY did we do a 5 for 1 trade? Continue reading

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Dear BLM; The Eyes of Texas have you in the Crosshairs!

God Bless Texas 2Republicans warn BLM eyeing land grab along Texas-Oklahoma border

Texas officials are raising alarm that the Bureau of Land Management, on the heels of its dust-up with Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, might be eyeing a massive land grab in northern Texas.

The under-the-radar issue has caught the attention of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who fired off a letter on Tuesday to BLM Director Neil Kornze saying the agency “appears to be threatening” the private property rights of “hard-working Texans.”

“Decisions of this magnitude must not be made inside a bureaucratic black box,” wrote Abbott, also a Republican gubernatorial candidate. SOURCE

The Bureau of Land Management is about to pick a fight that they will wish they hadn’t. I am talking about a fight that they will lose and one that very easily could cause the United States to lose the state of Texas in the process.

Something that the Washington blow-hards need to consider is this; Texas CAN survive, not just survive, but we can actually prosper without the United States. The United States will suffer greatly without Texas though.

Read Greg Abbott’s letter to the Bureau of Land Management

I have read the letter linked above and I am of the opinion that Greg Abbott is NOT about to take ANY *stuff* off of the federal government and the BLM.

Something the BLM needs to consider is this; your average, every day, run of the mill, man and woman on the street Texans aren’t going to take any *stuff* off of you people either.

It’s THAT simple, and if you think the folks in Nevada turned out to stand against you federal land grabbing, good for nothing bunch of liars and Obama lovers, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

At issue are thousands of acres of land on the Texas side of the Red River, along the border between Texas and Oklahoma. Officials recently have raised concern that the BLM might be looking at claiming 90,000 acres of land as part of the public domain.

The agency, though, argues that any land in question was long ago determined to be public property.

It certainly strikes me as *strange* how all of a sudden the Feds are claiming all of this land, trying to seize land and then claiming that the land in question, and its ownership was all settled *long ago*. Continue reading

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Louie Gohmert: This is what you get ‘when a community organizer takes on a KGB agent’

Louie Gohmert: This is what you get ‘when a community organizer takes on a KGB agent’

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert had some tough words Wednesday for the escalating crisis over Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea Peninsula, saying President Obama’s background is simply unsuited to dealing with the hard reality of a dictator on a tear.

“What you’re seeing … is what you get when a community organizer takes on a KGB agent,” Gohmert told Brian Killmeade on Fox & Friends. “It doesn’t go well.”

Gohmert, a Texas Republican who spent time in Ukraine as an exchange student when the country was still part of the Soviet Union, warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s takeover of the Crimea is only the beginning of more trouble down the line from the former KGB operative.

“Putin wants all of Ukraine,” Gohmert said. “Crimea was a place to start … He’d love to have the Baltic states, he’d like to move on ‘the stans,’ like Kazakhstan. He would like to move on eastern Poland.”

A United States that limits its reactions to announcing sanctions against only seven top Russian officials isn’t really trying to stop Putin.

Financial steps, such as getting Russia kicked out of the International Monetary Fund, would be using a real weapon, Gohmert said. Reinstating the missile defense system in Poland that Obama canceled as one of his administration’s first foreign policy decisions is also key, he said. Helping countries defend themselves means less need for American blood to defend them in the long run.

“You empower the enemy of your enemy to take on your enemy,” Gohmert said. “We ought to immediately reinstate the missile system of defense, when this president screwed over our ally so badly. Put it back in there.” SOURCE

You may not like Texas, you may not like Texas people, our climate and our topography, you may not like this report or my wording OF it. That’s ALL OK by me, it’s your opinion and I am not about to deny anyone their opinion, but there is one thing that NO ONE can argue about Texas, and that is this; we have political leaders that are LEADERS and aren’t afraid to stand up and speak the truth, even if the truth hurts. Continue reading

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What the Mainstream Media is NOT Telling You

What the Mainstream Media is NOT Telling You

America is under attack from the *enemy within*. This post covers what I believe to be the method the current REGIME will favor as it seeks to destroy the United States and take away our God Given FREEDOMS.

Come and Take it 2

US prepares $1B aid package for troubled Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) – In a somber show of U.S. support for Ukraine’s new leadership, Secretary of State John Kerry walked the streets Tuesday where nearly 100 anti-government protesters were gunned down by police last month, and promised beseeching crowds that American aid is on the way.

Kerry met in Ukraine with the new government’s acting president, prime minister, foreign minister and top parliamentary officials. Speaking to reporters afterward, Kerry urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stand down and said the U.S. is looking for ways to de-escalate the mounting tensions. SOURCE

First we see the story about the BILLION DOLLARS the United States is going to send to the Ukraine to help them in their effort to be free of Russian tyranny.

Then we see this; how Obama plans to raise the money for things like a BILLION DOLLAR aid package to help protect the Ukrainians from Russian tyranny.

Obama 2015 budget focuses on boosting economy

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama sent Congress a $3.9 trillion budget Tuesday that would funnel money into road building, education and other economy-bolstering programs, handing Democrats a playbook for their election-year themes of creating jobs and narrowing the income gap between rich and poor.

The blueprint for fiscal 2015, which begins Oct. 1, is laden with populist proposals designed to fortify those goals. It includes new spending for pre-school education and job training, expanded tax credits for 13.5 million low-income workers without children and more than $1 trillion in higher income taxes over the next decade, mostly for the wealthiest Americans. SOURCE

More than $1 trillion in higher income taxes will be assessed over the next decade, mostly for the wealthiest Americans?

Well, OK, that seems to be the way it gets done; tax the American people to support an agenda that is designed to make more Americans *welfare dependent* and support foreign powers when we are on the verge of OPEN INSURRECTION right here in the USA. Continue reading

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