Why Was there no looting in Japan?

Tsunami Aftermath

Why Was There No looting In Japan

March 11, 2011 was a day that I know I will never ever for get, many of you may have written the date off, mainly because it did not happen to you or anyone in the United States.  What I am talking about is the disaster in Japan, the 9.0 magnitude earthquake which was so strong that the earth was shifted off its axis a little.

What followed was the mega disaster, the tsunami which followed drowning thousands in mere seconds and basically totally washing away complete cities, complete families leaving nothing but rubble for miles and miles.  I have set a LINK for you to follow, it is the before and after  images, the pictures are just shocking to say the least.

If the above was not bad enough, 4 of the Fukushima nuclear reactors failed releasing some nuclear fallout in the area, with fallout reaching the United States. None of the fallout which reached the United States was a danger to anyone. Japan dealt with the nuclear catastrophe and finally regained the upper hand.

What is striking about this disaster was there was absolutely no LOOTING anywhere in the country, NONE. Why is that. Now Lets backup and take a look at one of the worst hurricanes to hit the gulf coast, hurricane Katrina, which put New Orleans underwater.
One thing I can understand is if you run out of water and food then I can see breaking into a store to get water and food, that is understandable.

“In the wake of Japan’s deadly earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant explosions, we have witnessed the almost indescribable chaos that follows a disaster of this magnitude: loss of life, severe injuries, homelessness, lack of water, food and proper medical care, the physical destruction of towns and cities, and a growing fear of radioactive contamination from power plants that seem beyond anyone’s ability to control.

But one heart-wrenching byproduct of disasters like this one has been missing in Japan, and that’s looting and lawlessness.” source

Looting is something we see after almost every tragedy; for example: last year’s earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, the floods in England in 2007, and of course Hurricane Katrina back in 2005. It happens when some people who’ve seen life as they know it get tossed out the window feel that all morality has been tossed out too. It’s survival of the fittest and whatever you can get your hands on is yours, no matter who it belongs to.

But that’s not happening in Japan. (source)

A catastrophic 9.0 earthquake and later a huge tsunami almost wiped out complete cites, yet no looting. When the water resided and people could get out looking for their families they did not go loot stores, they did not go break into their neighbors home to clean them out. The Japanese people banded together and helped each other. According to news reports coming out of Japan, there was no looting. At least none was reported.

The Picture Tells it All

When the looting turns taking food and water, and turns to the looting of Televisions, furniture, cars, motorcycles electronics is when I draw the line. I saw mobs just looking for places to break in and loot. I have never understood the need for anyone to steal items that have no use in a crisis like Katrina.  The looting was everywhere, I was shocked.  Why on Gods green earth do people turn into pack hounds and just steal?

Have we as a society turned into you have it and I don’t, so I am going to take when you not looking. Are we a class of people that in a crisis we only care about ourselves and close the door to others in a time of need. I just do not get it. I wish that someone with more intelligence tell me why Americans turn into packs of animals during a crisis and do what happened during Katrina, I am stumped. We have to be better than that. Or at least I thought we were. I guess I was wrong.



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    Why Was There No looting In Japan?

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